Disk quotas incorrect in 1.9.17 (1.9.16p11 was ok)

Tim Villa - faculties tim at ecel.uwa.edu.au
Tue Sep 9 04:36:30 GMT 1997

Our disk quotas are no longer correctly reported under 1.9.17.

Formerly (1.9.16p11) with file systems quotas turned on under Solaris
2.5 the correct amount of disk (quota) space remaining was reported
correctly, now it is quite wrong.

With file system quotas turned off, the amount of disk space remaining
on the disk is reported (correct).  However, by turning them back on
(quotaon /filesys) I get a completely wrong number - when 1.6Mb quota
remaining for a particular user, 22Mb is reported as remaining.  When
the hard limit is reached the "insufficient disk space" error is
reported, even with that 22Mb still "available".

The "total space" on the disk is also incorrect.

A cursory search of the Samba site hasn't found any information
regarding this.

Thanks for any information,
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