Greek New Folders

Brett Watson BWATSON at
Tue Sep 9 05:56:43 GMT 1997

There was a query regarding how Win95 names new folders, created with
the "New" menu obtained by right-clicking on the desktop. I promised to
follow this up, but my results have been less than spectacular.

The word "New", which becomes part of the new file's name, appears to be
hard-coded into Windows, so if it contains any non-english characters in
your locale, you're probably stuck with it. The rest of the filename is
determined by the description in the registry. In truth, I'm not even
sure whether this latter statement is accurate for the rather magical
entries "Folder" and "Shortcut" at the top of the list.

Sorry to be so unhelpful. If anyone knows better, please advise.

(Apologies for any unwanted attachments which may or may not follow.
Hate MS Outlook.)

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