Novell and Samba

Virginia L. Baca vbaca at lx8.Coded.COM
Mon Sep 8 15:46:34 GMT 1997

I hope I'm not insulting you all by bringing up the six
letter word "Novell".   I have a need to access the data
from a database housed on a Novell server.  All I want
to do is mount the Novell filesystem on my Solaris 2.5.1
server and use the data in Solaris analysis programs.

Samba works great for me with PCs and I thought I heard 
there was some work going on for Novell.  How far away is
this feature  or will it ever be.   Most Novellites
would purchase a module to do, but we are not looking at
our own system, it is a customer's system and we will
be analysing the customer's data.  Sun and other vendors
are dropping their support of this software.  I'm forced
to look elseware and I don't want to go to Novell for the

It doesn't have to be freeware, it just has to work and be
supported if we need it.

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