Samba, Win95, and the HP Deskjet 1600CM PS

Ole Holm Nielsen ohnielse at
Mon Sep 8 09:01:04 GMT 1997

> Anyone know how to suppress the %! and newpage at the beginning of printing
> to the HP DeskJet 1600CM PS as a postscript printer?  It prints postscript
> fine, but it wastes a page when being printed to from Win95 for the above
> extra output.  No such thing happens when printing from UNIX.

We've had this problem too.  Remember to suppress the header page,
e.g., use "lpr -h".  We have this line in smb.conf:

   print command  = /usr/bin/lpr -h -s -r -P %p %s

You may also want to check the AIX printer setup, in SMIT's "Change /
Show Print Queue Characteristics" you can modify "Change / Show Default
Print Job Attributes" so that no header or trailer pages are generated
(this was on an AIX 4.2.1 system).
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