Novell and Samba

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Sep 8 18:53:25 GMT 1997

On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, Virginia L. Baca wrote:

> I hope I'm not insulting you all by bringing up the six
> letter word "Novell".   I have a need to access the data
> from a database housed on a Novell server.  All I want
> to do is mount the Novell filesystem on my Solaris 2.5.1
> server and use the data in Solaris analysis programs.
> Samba works great for me with PCs and I thought I heard 
> there was some work going on for Novell.

samba-1.9.15p8 ported as an NLM.

>  How far away is
> this feature  or will it ever be.   Most Novellites
> would purchase a module to do, but we are not looking at
> our own system, it is a customer's system and we will
> be analysing the customer's data.  Sun and other vendors
> are dropping their support of this software.  I'm forced
> to look elseware and I don't want to go to Novell for the
> solution.
> It doesn't have to be freeware, it just has to work and be
> supported if we need it.

ok, how about this.

1) get an NT server.

2) install the "Netware Gateway and Client services"

3) buy some NFS server program, or get SOSSNT (SOSS - nfs server for 
windows.  SOSSNT - nfs server for windows, ported to NT).

4) configure the NT server to "re-export" the Novell server.  this is all 
documented in the microsoft help files.  mount the Novell server as a 
network drive on the NT server.

5) re-export, _yet_ again this network drive on the NT server, under NFS.

6) hope like hell that it works.


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