Microsoft Office and Samba shares

Shawn Heisey shawnh at
Wed Sep 3 02:42:25 GMT 1997

We have not been able to use the Microsoft Office 95 products with files 
saved on Samba shares.  With Excel, we get an error message that says 
"Cannot open or save any more documents."  That is followed by a message 
that says "Cannot access 'Blah.xls.'"  Microsoft Word comes up with a 
similar message, and error number 1025 in the title bar of the dialog 

WordPerfect 6.1 can access and use files on the same shares without 

We are running version 1.9.16p11 on an AIX 4.1 system.  I had thought 
that the problem might be solved with the release of 1.9.17.  I 
installed that version on our development server, but the same problem 

This has been the only real wrinkle we've come across with Samba.  It is 
a wonderful product, and we have enjoyed having it immensely -- without 
it our operation would still be using Windows 3.1 (not even workgroups) 
and NFS.

If anyone has solved a similar problem, can you please write back with 
some ideas?  If I need to include output from testparm, please let me 
know.  Please include a direct reply to me, even if you send a copy to 
the list.

Thank you,
Shawn Heisey
Network Administrator
Dick Simon Trucking, Inc.
shawnh at


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