W95 netlogon with profiles on server

Louis Mandelstam lma at sacc.org.za
Tue Oct 21 11:40:44 GMT 1997

On Tue, 21 Oct 1997, Thomas Egrelius wrote:

> All this files have correct windows-linebreaks. The netlogon script says
> that the registry have been changed, but it haven't. If I run the command
> "regedit /s H:\profile.reg" from the dospromt after the login has
> finnished, the registry _will_ be changed.

The behaviour you're observing is due the the order in which things
happen.  The user's profile is only downloaded and activated AFTER the
logon script has executed - so if you run regedit.exe in the logon script,
it does change the registry, but the changes are overwritten by the user's
profile when it's downloaded from the server afterwards.

I haven't really spent time trying to find a solution though - the Run and
RunOnce etc registry entries are also executed too soon it seems so right
now the only way I could think of to automatically run regedit after the
profile has been loaded, is to put it in the Startup folder, but I haven't
tested this.


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