WinNT Prob

Axel Burkhardt axel.burkhardt at
Mon Oct 6 21:50:02 GMT 1997

I have a problem with samba: Samba worked for me proberly in
a small intranet as file and print-server

Last week I changed the smb.conf to enable Win95-Domain-
Login and Profile-Management. Evrything works fine -
except the WinNT4-Maschine in the local net:

Since the changes took effect, you cant access the files
on the Samba-Machine. Its possible to browse the shared
directorys - but if I try to access them, a "network error"
appears on my WinNT-Machine

If I try to change the network-propertys of the WinNT-Machine
to "domain-logon" the NT-Machine answers "cannot locate domain"

The Win95 worksation work fine - they can access everything
without probs

Any Ideas?

PS: The problem has *nothing* to do with the NT4 SP3-bug!

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