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Gerald W. Carter jerry at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Oct 6 22:00:56 GMT 1997

> We have changed the reg entries and pointed all to users home dir on
> server.  Thus no more log out then update user profile on server...I 
> would be happy to send you the changes..

I have the same type of setup although [blush] I was a little nervous
about pointing the ProfileImagePath key to point kdirectly to the user's
home directory.  No problem associated with it huh?  COOOOOL.....

Will have to go back and try that.

Two things that might be of interest to people is the fact that it is
rather hard to tell who has looged during the login script ( Win95 box
validating against Samba box ).  I use a root preexec script to create 2
files in the user home directory.

- username.bat ( simply has line "set USERNAME=<username>" )
	you can fill in the blanks
- profile.inf ( creates the registry key to get right of that annoying
	"you have never...."

On the Unix side the scripts are trivial so they can be called as BATCH
file and INF files from the login script assuming that the suer's home
directory has been mount first thing in the logon script..  For

rem --------- Update the local system clock
net time \\solar /set /yes
rem ---------- Mount the Network drives & printers
net use h: \\solar\homes
net use i: \\solar\apps
net use k: \\solar\pc_lab
net use lpt1: \\solar\pebble
rem ---------- set the USERNAME environment variable
call h:\username.bat
%WINBOOTDIR%\rundll.exe setupx.dll,InstallHinfSection DuringLogon 132

Works very well.  Credit given to Eric Bennett <bennett at>
for the infoforamtion on the INF files.

Always interested in ways to keep from sitting in front of a PC when it
can be done from a UNIX box :)

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