Lanman API reference

Jeff Foster jfoste at
Mon Oct 6 15:16:28 GMT 1997

> Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 21:17:50 +0930 (GMT+9:30)
> From: Slide <9605494f at>
> Subject: Lanman API reference
> Can somebody please point me to a reference for the Lanman API functions 
> used by samba command 0x25?

Check out the link
you should find what you want there.

> I've done an ugly hack on smbclient 1.9.17p1 to request user information 
> from NT servers using API call 0x38, which I'm currently cleaning up 
> so that its properly integrated.  Once this patch is finished, is there a 
> Samba development group who would be interested in it?

I would like to see this.  I think it will answer my question about using
'/home' in smbclient.

> Sean
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