NT4.0SP3 to SAMBA FIX!!!!!

Juan Perla laperla at reid.cac.washington.edu
Fri Oct 3 22:53:46 GMT 1997


I have seen this answer but thanks any ways.

I'm looking for a way to use excrypted passwds with samba on AIX.

I keep getting stopped at step 7 of the DIAGNOSIS.txt file

"smbclient \\BIGSERVER\tmp"

The return keeps getting  "username not in the smbpasswd file"
even if i put "smb passwd file = /usr/local/private/smbpasswd" in the GLOBAL
section of smb.conf.

Is any aixer using encrypted passwds between AIX/samba and NT4?

Juan Perla
laperla at u.washington.edu

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