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I'm going to try this again...  Please excuse the fat-fingering that 
caused the previous incomplete posting to go out.  (Uuuurgh!)

I had not seen a reply to the message below in the digests (might have 
missed it, I s'pose), so here's my 2cents...

Samba currently doesn't do NetBEUI.  If you can see your Samba shares,
it's because your clients are running NetBIOS over TCP/IP.  This is a
better solution in any case.  We generally advise that NetBEUI be turned
off on all nodes.

If the machines on the other side of the router are running NetBIOS over 
TCP/IP, then they should be able to see the Samba shares *if* you are 
running a WINS server.  You need to have some means of sharing the 
NetBIOS names across the two subnets.  The best bet is to run nmbd on the 
Samba server and tell all of your clients that this is their local WINS 

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> Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 16:56:07 -0700 (PDT)
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> Hi,
> excuse my ignorance, but because I can only route TCP/IP packets and not
> NetBUI ones between two subnets, I was wondering if the LAN that's not
> getting NetBUI packets routed to it would be able to see the samba shares
> that are coming from the other LAN.... Thanks.
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> LAN area  --------------- LAN with samba server, etc, etc...
> Gabe
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