NT and Samba Domain Control

Paulo Brandao pbrandao at ispgaya.pt
Mon Oct 6 14:40:04 GMT 1997


  I have a problem, i need to make samba to be my backup domain controler
in a windows NT Server, or in another way, i need to automate the process
of creation of accounts and password's, whem i create an account in
WindowsNT i need that account is create simultaneos in a Linux Box.
  I have look at NISGINA but i don't wan't to make any change in the
NTServer, i need a software that work's on Linux and do all the Work.
I use RedHat 4.2 and WindowsNT Server 4.0 with Service Pack 3.

Any help, is welcome.

PS: Sorry my English

Thank's in advance

Paulo Brandao

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