NT connection problem ...

joseph goncheroski jgonch at hp5.dodig.osd.mil
Thu Oct 2 15:50:33 GMT 1997

in File Manager in WfWg 3.11 i can connect to a network drive (an HP735
running samba 1.9.13) using Path: \hp5\root.  i have no problems connecting
after i enter the valid password.

i just received a Windows NT 4.0 workstation, replacing my WfWg 3.11 PC.
when i attempt to make the same connection by trying to Map Network Drive
using Path: \\hp5\root and then Connect As: root with a valid password, i
receive the following error in a workstation window:

		"The account is not authorized to login from this station."

has anyone seen a similar problem and how can it be fixed.  appreciate your
comments and assistance ... 
thanks ... goncheroski

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