Problem to log into Samba (AFS) from NT: needs password

Axel Tanner axs at
Thu Oct 2 15:58:08 GMT 1997


In my setup I try to log into a Samba server (1.9.17p2) on AIX 4.1(to get
access to AFS) from an NT workstation.

Although I am logged into the NT workstation with the same userid/password,
which is also necessary to get access to AFS, it doesn't authenticate me on
the first try, but asks for the password again. Typing in this very same
password again now gives me access ...

>From Thomas Kirchtag I got this info:

> I had the same problem. My solution was to use the homedirectory on the
Samba server as my WinNT
> Homedir (via Usermanager).
> Now everything works perfect.
> Thomas
>Thomas KIRCHTAG                        mailto:tkircht at
>Tel.:++43-664/223 16 23
>FAX :++43-1/689 82 52        

and yes, with this setting it works - unfortunately I don't like use it in
this way.

Therefore my question:
 - Does somebody have this working with not using the homedir on the Samba
server, but not being asked for the password?
 - Does somebody understand, what the problem is?

Any help appreciated!
PS Below is part of my smb.conf

  Axel Tanner
  IBM Zurich Research Laboratory    email: axs at

workgroup        = MyDomain
server string    = ZRL Samba server Rue (%v)
security         = share

; This must be like this, since the PDC is the domain master!
domain master    = no
;local master     = yes
;dns proxy        = yes
;time server      = True
wins server      =
wins proxy       = no
wins support     = no
;The aliases work fine!
;netbios aliases  = smbsrv
netbios name     = smbsrvrue
;preferred master = yes
remote announce  =

case sensitive   = yes
dead time        = 15
debug level      =  3
max log size     = 5000
locking          = yes

invalid users    = root
allow hosts      = 9.4.

; The 'follow' is default, seems to be healthy ...
follow symlinks  = yes

  comment          = AFS home directory    /u/UID/
  guest ok         = no
  read only        = no
  browseable       = no
  create mask      = 0740
  directory mask   = 0750
  map archive      = no
  share modes      = yes

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