File sharing: answer & Q? solution?

Sandro Dentella sandro at
Thu Oct 2 18:54:02 GMT 1997


Thanks to all the people that helped me understanding the problem of word
changing permission and group of files. This sum-up of what I figured out
ends with a question/suggestion.

0. Word create file anew and then move it: Owner and group rest the default
   one *:-( that'a pain

###   My work-around
1. I Create a new service (YES one each group!...) in a part of the tree
   *that is not already reachable from other services*!!!

   Otherwise it will be accessible in a way controlled by the following rules
   or by the rules of the other services depending on the way it is reached.

2. Create a suitable group on the unix system

3. Configure the service like the following.

     comment = Direttorio gruppo ems
     path = /home/services/ems
     create mask = 775		# could be 770...
     force group = ems
     valid users = @ems		# all the people belonging to the unix group
     writable = yes
     root preexec = find /home/services/ems -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \;

   This preexec rule is only needed if you want to leave other groups to read
   newly created directory (they will be created 775 or so)

4. To avoid riconnecting every time to the service "by hand" you can now make
   a symbolic link to the service: Ex.:

   mkdir -p /home/services/ems
   cd /home/sandro
   ln -s /home/services/ems ems

   In this way, the rules to access it will be those of the ems service
   configuration. Of coure I can have link to single files eather.

So far the work-around.
Now comes my question/suggestion:

Would it be possible to create a new capability so that samba checks the
original mode and if requested preserve it "after" word disconnects? that
would allow for much wider flexibility. (Is this for you, Andrew?).

Anyhow Thanks again to Andrew Tridgell!!


Sandro Dentella *:-)

sandro at  - sandro at

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