Error messages from NMBD since upgrading to 1.9.17

Tim Lovell a.lovell at
Mon Nov 24 18:34:23 GMT 1997

I have been getting the following error message appearing in nmy syslog
files ever since upgrading to 1.9.17 to avoid the security hole in
previos versions of samba.

nmbd[2917]: Packet send failed to ERRNO=Connection

I get this upto 20 times  a day which makes checking system logs a right
pain, and clearly something is wrong.   I've tried hunting through the
documentation but have been unable to find a cause.   I am using
the same smb.conf file as before the upgrade but there was nothing
unusual in it.

Unfortunately whilst I was upgrading samba two production NT servers
have been activated on the same subnet.   Despite the error messages
everything is working fine. Win95 and Lanman can see my Linux box and I
can print to Win95 shared printers.   As a stop gap I could limit the
netmask to prevent
access beyond the 0..127 subnet, but one of these new NT boxes is bang
in the middle of the subnet range that I need to use.

The NT boxes belong to different workgroups, which is again different
from that used by the Linux box.

Thanks in advance,

Tim Lovell

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