Error messages from NMBD since upgrading to 1.9.17

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Nov 24 19:27:26 GMT 1997

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Tim Lovell wrote:

> I have been getting the following error message appearing in nmy syslog
> files ever since upgrading to 1.9.17 to avoid the security hole in
> previos versions of samba.
> nmbd[2917]: Packet send failed to ERRNO=Connection
> refused
> I get this upto 20 times  a day which makes checking system logs a right
> pain, and clearly something is wrong.   I've tried hunting through the
> documentation but have been unable to find a cause.   I am using
> the same smb.conf file as before the upgrade but there was nothing
> unusual in it.
> Unfortunately whilst I was upgrading samba two production NT servers
> have been activated on the same subnet.   Despite the error messages
> everything is working fine. Win95 and Lanman can see my Linux box and I
> can print to Win95 shared printers.   As a stop gap I could limit the
> netmask to prevent
> access beyond the 0..127 subnet, but one of these new NT boxes is bang
> in the middle of the subnet range that I need to use.

hi tim,

we probably need a little more context than just the "packet failed" 
line (at debug log level 5), but there could be a number of reasons why 
the packet could not be sent:

- you have broadcast-forwarding switched on on your network, and 
therefore you are receiving (and responding) to packets you shouldn't

- you have a firewall set up which is blocking packet sending to this 

- you have an incorrect "interfaces = " or an incorrectly detected local
interfaces parameter.  check the reported values for "interfaces = "  in the
log files (level 3 or above, i believe) against your broadcast/netmask/ip
address for that machine.



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