problem with self-extracting exefiles on samba-drive (again)

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Mon Nov 24 16:55:01 GMT 1997

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997 reniers at wrote:

> Here is the problem ....
> We are running samba on SGI/SUN/HP file-servers.
> We have about 600 concurrent clients.
> We are using samba version 1.9.17p4 en have a problem with
> self extracting exe-files on a samba-mounted disk from NT 4.0.
> ( This problem also exists with earlier versions of samba e.g. 1.9.16p11 )
> If you place the exe-file in a directory called "12345678.123"
> ( 8.3 filename ), there is no problem.
> If you place the exe-file in a directory called "123456789" ( long filename),
> you get a message window which says it couldn't locate the exe-file.

Yes, it happens if you try run a 16 bit application (e.g. WinZIP
se-archive). Note, that it does *not* happen if I run *the same*
application from NT server. To test is very simple:

  create self-extracting archive e.g. with WinZIP (be shure to mark
  16 bit)

  rename archive to something like 123456789.exe

  try to start it from SAMBA - you get error message "123456789.exe not

  Now, copy *the same* archive to NT server and run it from there - runs
  perfectly. Note, that WinZIP gets mangled name - something like 

Most probably, there *is* a difference in API calls between 32 and 16 bit
programs, which are not taken into account by SAMBA. Working on WinNT 4.0
I could not force SAMBA (1.9.18alpha11) to mangle names at all - in
spite of *all* mangling parameters set to yes. 

Note, that the same problem applies to directories as well - currently I
am forced to name all directories on SAMBA in 8.3 format, because LFNs
make installations of 16 bit programs fail (the same names on NT work
fine). Not very handy.

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