problem with self-extracting exefiles on samba-drive (again)

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Mon Nov 24 14:28:11 GMT 1997


Some weeks ago I posted this problem we have with samba.
( There were some people with the same problem..)
I also posted it to samba-bugs, but no reaction yet.
The problem doesn't occure on an NTFS file-system.
Can someone from the samba-team can look into this problem??

Here is the problem ....

We are running samba on SGI/SUN/HP file-servers.
We have about 600 concurrent clients.

We are using samba version 1.9.17p4 en have a problem with
self extracting exe-files on a samba-mounted disk from NT 4.0.
( This problem also exists with earlier versions of samba e.g. 1.9.16p11 )

If you place the exe-file in a directory called "12345678.123"
( 8.3 filename ), there is no problem.

If you place the exe-file in a directory called "123456789" ( long filename),
you get a message window which says it couldn't locate the exe-file.

I reported this problem ( with a sample exe-file ) to samba-bugs.

Has anybody seen this before???
( I can send to sample exe-file again if needed ).

Our smb.conf file is as follows :

   workgroup = cos
   os level = 0
   preferred master = no
   remote announce = cos
   server string = hpomega
   browse list = no
   domain master = no
   wins support = no
   wins server = wins1
   guest account = ntguest
   security = server
   password server = ntfile4,ntprint1
   preserve case = yes
   short preserve case = no
   guest ok = no
   read only = no
   create mask = 640
   directory mask = 750
   debug level = 1
   socket options = TCP_NODELAY



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