Connecting to WinNT Services ?

Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at
Sat Nov 22 01:59:42 GMT 1997

At 20:06 21-11-97 +1100, Pascal A. Dupuis wrote:
>Our sysadmin has just switched our print server from WFWG3.11 to 
>WinNT 3.51. He defined the same shares, but I can't access them through

Hasn't he got the word that WinNT40 is out, yet? v3.51 has a LOT of roaches
not related to Samba, but definitely related to the Blue Screen Of Death
(BSOD). Not only that, but there is a TCP/IP stack bug which makes the
server vulnerable to the SYN attack, plus a few other really nasty things.
Even MS doesn't recommend use of WinNT351, server or workstation, for new
installations, and they recommend upgrading ASAP!

Problems are BUGs, persistent problems are 'roaches, BIG problems are
bigger roaches. WinNT351 has roaches the size of Dobermans. A lot of the
networking code was, just plain, broken, in WinNT351. WfW was more reliable.

>When I do a 
>smbclient \\\\host\\service -n USER, I got :
>Session setup failed for username=USER myname=USER destname=HOST
>ERRSRV - 2242
>Playing with -U and -W didn't solve anything. The sysadmin created an
>account for me on the server, I provide the correct password (normal or
>uppercased), but still get this message.
>Samba-1.9.17.p4 with DES encryption enabled, linux-2.0.32. Any hint ?

Also, if you SA has a PDC on the net, and the new print server is on it,
then connectivity will be dodgy, at best.

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