Samba Uses

Jeff Darby jdarby at
Thu Nov 20 04:47:36 GMT 1997


It has come to my attention that while a lot of people are using samba, it
seems the ways in which samba is being used varies an enormous amount
across the field. I am very interested in finding out how admins are using
the samba product in the hope of discovering some of the uses for samba of
which I am not aware. If anyone cares to participate I suggest perhaps
offering your situation to the list or if you prefer perhaps just sending
them to those who are interested like myself.

At present each of my users has both a workstation and pc sitting on their
desk on which they conduct their work. As undoubtedly happens there is
always information and files which must be used in word processing etc and
I use samba to transfer these files between the two systems. Users can
mount up their workstation home directories and use these files on their

Devices such as cdrom drives etc are also shared from the workstations.
Printing is done usually from either system as the printers are accessible
from either.

Any comments or other uses would be gladly appreciated.

Grats again to the samba team for their work and those who make frequent
responses to the never ending questions in this digest.

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