Printer redirection of old DOS Software

Bart Dorsey echo at
Tue Nov 18 04:31:11 GMT 1997

You might try looking at something like....
This is the 95 version of NET.EXE.. WFWG might be a bit different.. I'm not

NET USE drive: | \\computer\directory /DELETE [/YES]
NET USE port: | \\computer\printer /DELETE [/YES]

NET USE drive: | * /HOME

  drive       Specifies the drive letter you assign to a
              shared directory.
  *           Specifies the next available drive letter.
              If used with /DELETE, specifies to
              disconnect all of your connections.
  port        Specifies the parallel (LPT) port name you
              assign to a shared printer.
  computer    Specifies the name of the computer sharing
              the resource.
  directory   Specifies the name of the shared directory.
  printer     Specifies the name of the shared printer.
  password    Specifies the password for the shared
              resource, if any.
  ?           Specifies that you want to be prompted for the
              password of the shared resource. You don't
              need to use this option unless the password is
  /SAVEPW:NO  Specifies that the password you type
              should not be saved in your password-list
              file. You need to retype the password the
              next time you connect to this resource.
  /YES        Carries out the NET USE command without
              first prompting you to provide information or
              confirm actions.
  /DELETE     Breaks the specified connection to a shared
  /NO         Carries out the NET USE command, responding
              with NO automatically when you are prompted
              to confirm actions.
  /HOME       Makes a connection to your HOME directory if
              one is specified in your LAN Manager or
              Windows NT user account.

To list all of your connections, type NET USE without

To see this information one screen at a time, type the
following at the command prompt:


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From: Ralf Brinkmann <R.Brinkmann at>
To: Samba-Mailing-Liste <samba at>
Date: Monday, November 17, 1997 11:03 AM
Subject: Printer redirection of old DOS Software

>On our old Novell-2.2 server  we had a program called CAPTURE
>to redirekt the printer output of DOS programs to the
>network printer. (Some old DOS programs only know LPT1:)
>Now i am locking for a CAPTURE replacement for our new Samba server.
>I tested PRINDIR Version 9.0 and LPTTOFL Version 1.0 out of a
>DOS-Box within WIN 3.11 and WIN 95.
>Both programs work fine with pure DOS but have timing problems
>running in a DOS Box.
>Has anyone an idea to solve my problem redirecting the printer
>output ?
>best regards
>Ralf Brinkmann

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