Again Unattented NT Setups

Axel Kunze kunze at
Tue Nov 18 06:20:47 GMT 1997

Hello lst-members !

A few weeks ago there was a very interesting discussion about managing
unattended setups on this list.
We are working very heavy on this subject in our company, so my questions are:

-Has anyone written a small summary of the whole discussion, e.g. a
howto-setup-this-unattended-setup-thing ? (I know there's a lot of stuff in
the KB of MS, but anyway...)

-More interesting for us: We have to setup different teams of about 10
machines and each team uses a specific set of printers, which are connected
via lpr-ports to the NT-Workstations. Is there any possebility to automate
the setup of the printer connections as well ? I read about MS Zero Admin
Kit, which has a small utility called con2prt \\share\printer, but I think
this won't work on printers connected via lpr ?

I know this is a bit off topic and this is just a try, but since there were
some on this list working on this topic ....

Greetings from Germany

Axel Kunze

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