smbd can not be started ?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Nov 13 16:02:08 GMT 1997

check your inetd.conf file; check your startup scripts.

do grep 139 /etc/services; do netstat -a | more.  if you have (state) 
LISTEN on netbios-ssn, then you already have samba running.

> I just installed samba-1.9.17p4 on my Linux 2.0.30 system.  It seems
> okay in compiling and installing.  I run testparm, and it lists the
> services I set in smb.conf without error message. However, I can only
> start nmbd,

check the log.nmb files: you will probably find that there is an error 
reported (cannot bind to port 137).

> but not smbd -- nothing happens!  So, I can not test it
> further.  Can anybody give me an idea why it is like that?
> Thanks for all the help!
> Hongwei

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