file attributes and changing creation time

Todd Pfaff todd at
Thu Nov 13 06:18:37 GMT 1997

sunos 5.5
nt server 4.0

if i create a new file on a samba share from nt and then view the file
properties, the archive attribute is set and the file creation time is
incorrect and not constant.  the file creation time changes, increasing 
each time i view the file properties.

if i create a new file in the same directory from a unix account and then
view the file properties from nt, the archive attribute is not set, the
read-only attribute is set, and the creation time is correct and constant.

what is the relationship between the archive attribute being set (or
the read-only attribute being unset) and the file creation time changing?
is this expected behaviour or do i likely have something set incorrectly
in smb.conf (something to do with masks or modes maybe?)?

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