file attributes and changing creation time

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Nov 13 14:55:15 GMT 1997

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Todd Pfaff wrote:

> samba-1.9.17p4
> sunos 5.5
> nt server 4.0
> if i create a new file on a samba share from nt and then view the file
> properties, the archive attribute is set and the file creation time is
> incorrect and not constant.  the file creation time changes, increasing 
> each time i view the file properties.

i know.
> if i create a new file in the same directory from a unix account and then
> view the file properties from nt, the archive attribute is not set, the
> read-only attribute is set, and the creation time is correct and constant.

i know i know.
> what is the relationship between the archive attribute being set (or
> the read-only attribute being unset) and the file creation time changing?
> is this expected behaviour or do i likely have something set incorrectly
> in smb.conf (something to do with masks or modes maybe?)?

ok, it's an SMB Trans2 Query File Basic and Set File Basic problem.  have you
also done a NetMonitor trace while doing this?  it makes _really_ interesting

NT machines examine the file system type returned from the SMBtconX to detect
whether then can treat the target file system as FAT or NTFS.  if we put the
right stuff in, then we would be treated as an NTFS partition, and we would
get SMBgetatr and SMBgetatrE calls *not* the stupid SMB Trans2 Query File
Basic calls that aren't properly documented. 

yes, we need to deal with this.  no, it's not trivial.  yes, i've already 
spent about two weeks' evenings on it, not really getting anywhere.


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