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Tue Nov 11 21:18:04 GMT 1997

It's not a Samba issue, but a Win95 issue. The program 'msoffice.exe',
which is the office toolbar, runs from the remote drive, and causes the 
error. Try copying msoffice.exe to a local directory, and run it from
there. Put the ini file (msoffice.ini) in %windir% (if it's not already
there). This fix removes the error, and everything runs like you would
expect. A side effect is that the toolbar runs faster. :-)

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, Elias Rangel wrote:

> I´ve installed MS Office 4.3 on a Samba share using administrative setup
> (setup /a) so that I can use Workstation Setup to prepare the client
> machines (Win 95) to run the apps from the server.
> It works fine, but if I use the "Close all programs and log on as
> different user?" option in the Shut Down menu when one of the apps is
> running (Word, Excel, etc.) I get the following error:
> 	Error
> 	An application running across the network, did
> 	not shut down completely. Windows will restart.
> I can live with that, but it´s annoying.  I´m quite sure that it´s a Win
> 95 problem, but I don´t have Win 3.11 clients to try it out. I would
> appreciate any help or tips on how to fix this.
> Here is a copy of the setup for the MS Office share
> [msoffice]
>    comment = MS Office 4.3
>    path = /apps/msoffice
>    read only = yes
>    available = yes
>    share modes = no
>    locking = no
>    browseable = yes
>    public = yes
> I could also use some tips on how to setup Access with Samba; do I have to
> create a share for the \ACCESS\WORKDIR directory?
> thanx
> elias...


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