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Sat Nov 8 18:24:23 GMT 1997

On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Maher Khzouz wrote:

> Dear guys,
> I was looking for a product to mount ONLY ONE directory on my IRIX SGI HD by
> ONLY ONE NT4.0 server.  All other machines and users over my LAN or any other
> users defined on my UNIX host have to be strictly prohibited from making the
> slightest bit of advantage out of this mounting thing!  Of course, for
> security purposes and because my UNIX host is connected on the Internet where
> I don't want anyone to hack my system.
> I got to know about this perfect product while browsing the Internet three
> days ago, and a lot of people recommended it.  I installed it and got it run
> by defining a test smb.conf.  It works efficiently beautiful!
> The goal behind this this product is very simple as I mentioned.  SHARING
> only ONE directory on the UNIX host by ONE NT server and only ONE user
> defined on my unix machine has to make use of that.  I don't need it for
> sharing printers or any other things.
> I kindly need you guys to help out my out to construct my smb.conf file to
> meet STRICTLY the above restrictions.  I have, however, a deadline to meet
> this project.  Please help me before my BOSS kicks my ass ;-)

i'd start with the examples/ directory.

let's assume that the directory has no sub-directories.  also, that the unix
user and group permissions are set up correctly.  let's assume that your
users all have valid login accounts on the SGI box.  you don't specify
whether they need read/write access or not: see "read only" and "writable"
which are equivalents, by the way, in smb.conf.  if your users need
simultaneous write access, then you'll need to examine the locking / sharing

so, at the very least, add these parameters:

; checks user logins against unix accounts.
security = user

; assuming clients are at least w95.
options case sensitive = no
case preserve = yes
short case preserve = yes


	path = /fully_qualified_unix_path_location
	guest ok = no
	read only = yes


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