More than one password server? (PR#1609)

Andrew Tridgell samba-bugs at
Sat Nov 8 23:38:20 GMT 1997

> right.  the reason is because the loop in server_cryptkey() is checking 
> for a "valid password server", not a "valid password server and also 
> checking the password".
> so, some more mods are needed.  namely, to combine the server_cryptkey() 
> and server_validate() functionality in some simple way.

Not possible I'm afraid!

The server cryptkey will be different for each password server. The client
uses it to encrypt the password. The resulting 24 byte hashed password
is only any use to the server that generated the cryptkey.

It is split into two functions because one of the functions has to be
called before the client sends the password, and one after.

Cheers, Andrew

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