Turn off the save password default in wi

JOHAN RICSSON!RICMAIL!JOHAN at riclan.attmail.com
Thu Nov 6 14:47:00 GMT 1997

We are using samba to mount our Unix home directories. The dreadful system 
called windows95 has a default of saving the passwords when mapping the 
directory. We are having security problems since the password is saved in the 
password file i.e., everybody that has access to the PC can modify the user's 
homedirectory. Is there a way of turning the save password function off?

I am aware that this is not a clear samba question, however I hope somebody 
may have encountered the same problem and could give me a hint how to turn 
off the save password default permanently.

Thank You

Johan Lenne'
Ricsson Computing Company LTD 
GuangZhou P.R. China

<ricsson!ricmail!JOHAN at riclan.attmail.com>

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