Samba broken again - any ideas?

Graham Leggett graham at
Thu Nov 6 15:31:48 GMT 1997

Hi all,

I have a samba installation v1.9.17p4 on a Solaris 2.5.1 box on a
different subnet to our network.

A short while ago, the box grew extremely loaded (we don't know why, but
we don't suspect samba), and people (Win95) were no longer able to
browse shares, or even telnet in.

I restarted the Solaris box in the hope things would settle down, but
still noone (Win95) could browse shares. I upgraded samba to
v1.9.18alpha9. Still noone could browse shares. I reverted back to
v1.9.17p4, still none could browse shares.

- In all cases, both smbd and nmbd processes were killed.
- In all cases, smbclient from a linux box on our network successfully
browsed shares 100%.

Anyone know what on earth is going on?

A general question: Why is samba so unreliable? I have used different
versions of samba for over two years, and between then and now samba has
been very unreliable, and doesn't look at becoming more reliable now.
BUT - having said this I have almost never had the slightest problem
with samba clients connecting to samba shares, all my problems occur
Win95 -> samba. BUT having said THAT, Win95 -> Win95 works fine.

Just what standard does samba use? The same as microsoft's?

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