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John Brown jsbrown at
Thu Nov 6 02:05:37 GMT 1997

Hello All,

I am relatively new to UNIX and very new to Samba.  I have a bunch of
questions about what everything is and I haven't been able to glean the
information from the faqs.  I was also hoping someone would give me a
'cheat sheet' on what I need to do an in what order.  So here goes:

1.  What are do these terms mean and why are they beneficial to me:
     ( I kind of know WHAT they are, but I definitely don't know WHY
they are and WHEN I should use them)

        domain controller
        master browser
        wins server
        domain master
        preferred master
        local master

2.  I have a Win95/WinNTwkst network ( subnetted ( I think
) across a wan using a couple of routers.  I want to use a Samba server
on Caldera Linux as a file/print server and a WinNTwkst as a database
server.  I would like to only have to update userids and passwords on
the two servers.  I was hoping to be able to keep from setting up
accounts on each computer locally.  I also have a couple of portable
computers with Win95 that I'd like to use, but I think I need DHCP.  I'm
sure this can be done, but I don't know enough about UNIX to know what I
should set up first and when and if I even need it.  Could someone tell
me what I need to setup to accomplish this, in what order, and why each
item is important?

Thanks a bunch,


jsbrown at

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