64 bit filesystems (Specifically Irix 6.2)

Billinghurst, David David.Billinghurst at riotinto.com.au
Thu Nov 6 00:53:36 GMT 1997

Following the posting by spd at gtc1.cps.unizar.es (J.A. Gutierrez) in
SAMBA digest 1482
I compiled samba-1.9.17p4 under Irix 6.2 using the -fullwarn flag.
There are around
2000 lines of warnings and messages - quite a few are due to 64 bit file
systems but
there are unused variables, missing prototypes, etc as well.

For example:
	mode_t != int
	elements of struct statvfs are unsigned long, rather than ints.

I could look into this, but don't want to duplicate anything or waste my
time.  Any ideas.

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