Can survive both NT4 SP3 & SP1?

Yoshiaki Ueda adeu at
Wed Jul 30 03:17:14 GMT 1997


I'm an Information System admin.

We have a bunch of PC with Windows NT 4.0-SP1(Service Pack 1).
Then I'm going to upgrade them to SP3 maybe soon.  I set up
Samba server at SunOS 4.1.3 without password encryption.  My
question is, can survive both SP1 and SP3 with pw encrypted
Samba server simultaneously?  Or, how do I upgrade NT4-SP1
into SP3?  I can't imagine upgrading procedure yet.  Do you
run 2 Samba server processes with and without pw encryption?

Please let me know detail.
Thank you very much,

Yoshiaki Ueda
Cognex Corportion, MIS

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