Subnet browsing with alpha4

Baldur Norddahl bbn at
Tue Jul 29 23:40:10 GMT 1997

We got a network with 6 sites, each with their own subnet. 5 sites uses
Windows NT 4.0 server with all the bells and whistles. The last site uses
Windows 95 and Windows NT workstation as clients, but only Samba based
unix servers. Each site has its own domain/workgroup, and we got a working
WINS setup.

The five NT sites can browse the unix site, but the unix site can't browse
the NT sites. I understand that samba currently only supports one
workgroup, and that is why the NT domains don't show up on the unix site.

But some users found out that if they got someone at the NT sites to make
a Windows 95 link file to one of the five NT domains, then you could
browse the NT domain from the unix site by using the link. So now people
are using link files to browse.

It appears like the only thing alpha4 is missing is to announce the
existince of the other domains. Would it be possible for the samba team to
make an expirement with this?

Btw: What happened to the multi-workgroup version of samba? I kinda liked


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