cross-subnet browsing problems

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>I'm trying to set up cross-subnet browsing using Samba on a Linux box
>and a Sparc UltraEnterprise with Win95 and NT Workstation clients.  I'm
>using the Sparc as the domain master and also as the WINS server on the
>108 subnet.  The Linux box is the local master on the 46 subnet. Both
>are running Samba 1.9.17alpha4.  I can see the conversation between the
>two samba servers and the browse lists in var/locks/browse.dat are
>updated; however, the Network Neighborhood doesn't show the machines on
>the opposite subnet.  I do seem to have more workgroups, but they don't
>contain all the other machines.

I think the problem is very simple.  The cross-subnet browsing of Samba
only support one workgroup.  (The one the samba server is in).

A 'quick and dirty' solution is therefore to put all your machines (clients
and servers) in one workgroup, and all machines will appear.

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