cross-subnet browsing problems

Brian Lalor Brian.Lalor at LMCO.Com
Wed Jul 23 15:03:11 GMT 1997

I'm trying to set up cross-subnet browsing using Samba on a Linux box
and a Sparc UltraEnterprise with Win95 and NT Workstation clients.  I'm
using the Sparc as the domain master and also as the WINS server on the
108 subnet.  The Linux box is the local master on the 46 subnet. Both
are running Samba 1.9.17alpha4.  I can see the conversation between the
two samba servers and the browse lists in var/locks/browse.dat are
updated; however, the Network Neighborhood doesn't show the machines on
the opposite subnet.  I do seem to have more workgroups, but they don't
contain all the other machines.

Anyone have any ideas?  

B r i a n  L a l o r 
Brian.Lalor at LMCO.Com           Lockheed Martin Federal Systems (Co-Op)

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