cross-subnet browsing problems

Brian Lalor blalor at
Thu Jul 24 10:58:33 GMT 1997

On Thu, 24 Jul 1997 mac at wrote:

> I think the problem is very simple.  The cross-subnet browsing of Samba
> only support one workgroup.  (The one the samba server is in).
> A 'quick and dirty' solution is therefore to put all your machines (clients
> and servers) in one workgroup, and all machines will appear.
Both Samba servers and the machines I'm interested in are in the same
workgroup.  Right now, it looks like:
(diagram shamelessly ripped from BROWSING.txt)

           All machines in the diagram are in the workgroup SLING

                                                    (DMB/LMB - samba)
             (NT)       (NT)        (NT)       (NT)       (WINS)
            sling1     sling2      sling3     sling4    slingblade
              |          |           |          |           |
                          |          subnet 1 (
                        |R1 | Router 1
                        |R2 | Router 2
                          |  subnet 2 (
                |           |
            davisson      blalor
             (W95)     (LMB - samba)

On subnet 1, the workgroup SLING appears with the machines sling1-4 and
slingblade.  On subnet 2, the workgroup SLING appears with the machines
davisson and blalor.  I had originally said that sling1-4 appeared in
browse.dat on both machines.  As I look this morning, these 4 machines do
not appear in either machine's browse lists (browse.dat).  Every 15
minutes, slingblade contacts blalor, presumably to swap browse
information.  Since davisson is currently off, I should at least see
blalor in the Network Neighborhood of sling4, but I'm not.

Any suggestions?

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