Bug or Design Feature with SMBCLIENT (?)

bterrier at best.com bterrier at best.com
Sun Dec 28 21:10:01 GMT 1997

I was having problems seeing the share list on an NT system running 4.0 SP3.
It would always just come up empty, even though the browse list 
would come up. Command syntax was:
	smbclient -L myntserver -U myusername

I was using smbclient on a FreeBSD system, Samba version 1.9.17p5.
In mucking with the code, i noticed that if changed the check
for "res == 0" on or about line 3751 of client.c to ignore checking,
then the sharelist magically appears! Perhaps someone can enlighten
me as to why the check is there and if the above is a fix or if
there is more to it.

thx in advance

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