Split nets and SAMBA

Bill Broadhurst bbroad at CX492564-a.dt1.sdca.home.com
Sun Dec 28 18:02:04 GMT 1997

I have a situation where a machine (mine) is directly connected to the
Internet by an ethernet card and to an internal network by another
ethernet card.  The internal network contains printers, scanners, and
other peripherals, plus added recently, an NT machine used exclusively
to run some special graphics software.  Until I split these networks,
I had SAMBA running just fine.

When I split the network I created a situation where now the NT can't
see the Linux machine.  Unfortunately, NT is too brain-dead to see the
network only peripherals because they aren't attached directly to a
machine which is acting as a queuing server.  The Linux machine was
serving the peripherals via SAMBA and everyone was happy - until the

The topology is:

Internal net:                   External net:               Linux machine              24.0.xxx.xxx		  Typesetter		  Scanner		  NT Layup station.
   ...		  Last printer.

As it stands now, SAMBA is trying to serve the peripherals (which
mostly look like printers) to the outside net.  What I want to do is
cause SAMBA to service only the inside network.  On the inside
network, NT can see the Linux machine as CX492564-a but it refuses to
show any shared resources or any other data concerning CX492564-a.  If
I try to select the host I get machine not reachable message.

All networking is correct.  I can even use IP masquerade and browse
the net from the NT machine.  (This was the final test of the TCP/IP

What do I have to do to get SAMBA to ignore the external net and
service only the internal?

socket address = 
 seem to make no difference.

I've been through all the FAQ's and README files I can find but none
seems to have considered this arrangement.

Any assistance appreciated.


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