Password Synchronization

Veselin Terzic vterzic at systems.DHL.COM
Mon Dec 29 04:19:20 GMT 1997

>i wasn't thinking of crack solutions, i was thinking of a way of merging
>unix and nt logins.  but then realised that that is simply not possible.
>except with PAMs.

i wonder that nobody is talking about LDAP servers?! Unix vendors are close
to have
"ldap" in nsswitch.conf (with "files" "nis" ..) and there is "ypldapd" as
another approach
(almost ready ;))
should be relatively easy to do something like that on NT domain controlers.
i'm not
sure if there is something at the moment?

there is another thing that can do the job: "KerbNet" from
this used
to be a commercial product but it was converted into a freeware a few months
i personally believe that LDAP solution is the right approach since it
addresses many
other systems administration related issues.

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