Massive Problems with Samba

Chuck Carson chuck at
Tue Dec 23 19:20:34 GMT 1997

Okay, first let me define my network.

This is a university environment so I cannot begin to lists all the routers,
switches, and hubs my data travels thru, but this is basically what I have.

RS 6000 machine running AIX 4.2 with Samba installed.

Several Win95 (version a) machines with several active network drives

I have on each an lmhosts file with the following entry:
digmo   #PRE
I have both WINS addresses pointing to the digmo server (
The win95 machines are on a Token Ring network.

When I try to map a network drive here is what I get:

This is what Ihave tried typing into the map drive window:

Try #1
Drive F: (which is open)

Try #2
Drive F:   (which is open)
\\\idrpt  (which is a defined share)

Try #3
Drive G: (which is open)
\\\tmp  (another share)

..... Many more tries later....
What is boils down to is that I have tried every possible share and drive
letter open.

I get errors such as, "Netowork is busy" or "Cannot find computer of

Here is what irks me to no end:

My winNT machine finds everything fine with all of the above attempts. My
winNT setup is identical to the win95 machines (except that I can specify
the username to connect as) Even thru a local ip address via a second
adapter (

I have pulled all of my hair out over this, any help is _greatly_

To add to my aggravation, I downloaded the latest version to install (19pl5
I believe) and get the following error when trying to compile:

= -O -DSMBLOGFILE="/usr/local/samba/var/log.smb" -DNMBLOGFILE="/usr/local/sa
mba/var/log.nmb" -DCONFIGFILE="/usr/local/
Using LIBS =
Compiling server.c
1506-333 (S) License failure: acquire: No servers available for this vendor
(network license server/library).
make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 1.



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