OFF-TOPIC: Re: Junk e-mail .... help needed!!!

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Dec 23 18:51:09 GMT 1997

On Tue, 23 Dec 1997, KR  Sundaram wrote:

> Hi!!
> Of late, I'm getting a lot of un-solicited mails from this
> list, and inspite of un-subscribing mails, messages, threats
> , nothing really seems to work...
> My question: 
> 1. Is there any way I can 'avoid' or 'bounce' incoming messages
> at the mail-server level??
> 2. I cannot change my address (alias) as such... since this 
>  involves sending reminders to God knows how many people...
> So, it'd be nice to have some inputs on this problem of mine..
> And, if possible, please e-mailme direct, : to
> k.sundram at
> That's   k.sundram at

mr sundaram,

are you a recent administrator at your local site?  is there anyone else
subscribed at  has someone set up an admin group alias, and
not informed you or anyone else on that local alias that they have
recently subscribed that admin group (or root, or something) to the samba
digest?  you will be unable to stop receiving samba digest messages in
this instance, because it is beyond our control (being locally copied to
you, as a member of a local email group). 

may i suggest that you send a message containing the word "HELP" to
listserv at, then follow the instructions to obtain a copy
of all the recipients of the samba digest.

if your email address _is_ on there, and you weren't the one that put it
there, please contact me: i will arrange for your name to be removed.

if your email address _isn't_ on there, then may i suggest that you
examine the SMTP headers of the message you received: it will give you
further details in order to track this down.

best regards,

luke (samba team member)

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