Samba/Amiga smbclient?

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen rask at
Sun Dec 21 20:40:47 GMT 1997

Den 16-Dec-97 01:52:03 skrev Chris Ryan følgende om "Re: Samba/Amiga smbclient?":
> Hi Rask,

> I installed the GG ls, as you suggested, and some other directory commands
> (rm, dir,
> .) as well, into amitcp:samba/bin. BIN: is assigned to this. My path looks
> here first before amitcp:bin. 

> I still get no action for mput *, with recurs on, and mask *. Also, lcd
> prints nothing as well.

> Can you suggest anything else? Am I missing something else, perhaps?

Run SnoopDOS (with the packet monitor enabled) and see what shows up. If
something is missing, SnoopDOS should reveal what it is.


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