Latest SAMBA binaries for SunOS 4.1.3

Kelly Uehling kellyu at
Tue Dec 16 14:35:51 GMT 1997


Does your permissions problem only occur in AutoCAD?  What version of
AutoCAD?  There is a known bug when using Samba and AutoCAD R14 (Samba
BugID PR#756).  This apparently occurs due to AutoCAD's change from .dwk
lock files to using the server's locking mechanisms.  I have spoken with
Autodesk about this and they have forwarded a copy of AutoCAD to the
Samba Team.

Autodesk also told me that AutoCAD is very aggressive in the way that it
checks to see if a file is open.  This would appear to be causing
problems with other NOS's as well though.  I've followed reports of
trouble with Novell, NFS, Banyan and even a Win95 file server.  This
would appear to be an AutoCAD problem.  There will be an update (14.01)
coming out in January or February.  Don't know if the problem will be
solved but there's hope.

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