information request

Monica Montenegro monica at
Tue Dec 16 10:15:25 GMT 1997


 We are two students in Science of Information at University of Milan.
 We need for our thesis some information about MKS:
- Knowledge rappresentation technique (rules, frames...);
- Inference engine:
    reasoning mode (backward-chaining, forward-chaining...)
    search strategy (breadth-first, depth-firts, RETE algorithm...)
    conflict resolution (Rule-assigned priority...)
- Implementation  language ;
- Reasoning Technology (case-base reasoning, model-base reasoning...);
- Documentation (tutorial, user manual...);
- Charge;
- Platform;
- Interfa If you know other expert system shells we would like to know:ce; 
- Integrability;

 Thanks in advance,

           Paola Cincotto e Monica Montenegro

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