happy with Samba

Joyce Nigh nigh at intrepid.net
Fri Dec 12 15:30:43 GMT 1997

I wish to thank all those responsible for Samba and the web site, and
especially the person who compiled Samba for Irix 6.2. I do not have a
compiler on my machine yet, nor the knowledge to use one. I'll be installing
gcc soon to coincide with my class in C++.

I own a very small business with one SGI box and one PC, and Samba is a
great convenience. I installed the software with no problems, and had to
make very few changes to the default configuration.

I would like to supply pizza. Please post a mailing address and contact name
where I can send some form of money.

Joyce Nigh
Nigh Design Service
Falling Waters, WV, USA            
fax 304.262.3816  
nigh at intrepid.net

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