SUMMARY: netbios-ns address already in use?

Eloy A. Paris eparis at
Thu Dec 4 13:08:10 GMT 1997

> My original message follows...
> Well, it would seem that my problem was that nmbd was somehow running as a
> daemon.  Looking at the process IDs the first nmbd had a parent process of
> 1, not as the ID of inetd.  I don't know HOW that happened, the only place
> nmbd is referenced is inetd.conf.  I killed the main nmbd process, sent a
> HUP signal to inetd, nmbd started again and I haven't had a problem in
> over 5 hours (where I was getting the message every 10 minutes before).
> So, I guess everything is now OK.  Strange...

Uhhmmm... process ID 1 is init. That's the first process run by the
kernel. My guess is that one of your rc scripts is starting nmbd.
After you killed nmbd it was restarted automatically by inetd when
there was traffic in the netbios ports. Try rebooting the machine: the
rc script will restart nmbd again and then when inetd tries to run
nmbd because of UDP traffic it'll find the port already in use, so
you'll have the same problem again.

See ya!



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