SUMMARY: netbios-ns address already in use?

Tim Winders twinders at
Thu Dec 4 03:36:20 GMT 1997

My original message follows...

Well, it would seem that my problem was that nmbd was somehow running as a
daemon.  Looking at the process IDs the first nmbd had a parent process of
1, not as the ID of inetd.  I don't know HOW that happened, the only place
nmbd is referenced is inetd.conf.  I killed the main nmbd process, sent a
HUP signal to inetd, nmbd started again and I haven't had a problem in
over 5 hours (where I was getting the message every 10 minutes before).
So, I guess everything is now OK.  Strange...

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*************** Original message ****************
>I was just browsing through my logs and noticed this many times:
>Dec  2 14:00:37 barney inetd[3021]: netbios-ns/udp: bind: Address already
>in use
>netbios-ns should run on port 137/udp right?  This is the samba nmbd
>server, right?  When I do a ps -fe |grep nmbd I see this:
>root       708     1  0.0   Nov 26 ??           3:52.39 nmbd -n Alpha_1000
>root       709   708  0.0   Nov 26 ??           0:00.01 nmbd -n Alpha_1000
>So, nmbd is already running... IF it is already running, why are these
>error showing up in the daemon.log file?
>I am running 1.9.18alpha11 on Digital Unix 4.0b

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